Docker on OSX:

Fred George - Implementing Micro-Service Architecture Chad Fowler - Disposable Components Microservices and Functional Programming Microservices and functional programming from Michael Neale Innovating Faster with a Micro-Service Architecture using SBT, Continuous Delivery, and LXC Innovating faster with SBT, Continuous Delivery, and LXC from kscaldef Node.js: Seneca.js Monolithic Node.js Kracken.js @ Paypal Python Gilliam Even moar links Testing Microservices http://yobriefca. Read on →

DevOps: Docker will change everything Education: Spanish in 11 weeks Misc From BASIC to HyperTalk to JavaScript to Rails to Erlang - Every programming experience teaches

Latency is the Mind Killer by Artur Bergman at FutureStack13 Interesting points: General Recommendations for Latency Reduction - do Cache (duh!) - do purge (real-time purging is difficult, but awesome, when it works) - do use a CDN for HTTP/SSL termination at the edge (30-60% speed improvement) - do use surrogate keys Harden Machines, 9:49 - 3 mio syn cookies/sec/machine after patching the kernel Surrogate Key, 15:30 - tagging your cache-objects and expire by tags Dont be affraid of assembly (16:50): - a ruby script generates with metaprogramming assembly, that is compiled by varnish VCL and loaded as shared library, so it allows to match ~ 200 mio virtual hosts/sec on a standard laptop (wow! Read on →

Kyle is on fire dissecting various databases behaviour during network partitions! Fun watch. Video Slides

The perfect solution for you GLI::App based console-tools in Bash/ZSH Official recommendation function get_todo_commands() { if [ -z $2 ] ; then COMPREPLY=(`todo help -c`) else COMPREPLY=(`todo help -c $2`) fi } Problems with that solution: does not work on ZSH does autocompletion only for the 1st and 2nd level, stops after that is not very extendable After fiddling for 2 hours I came up with the simplest and always working solution: Read on →