Conf Homepage Slides Go for Sysadmins - Kelsey Hightower, New Relic A Channel Compendium - Cloudflare High Performance Systems in Go - Derek Collison

Projects: Examples: Presentations / Articles: ATOMIC DESIGN - video (2013.03) Designing Products That Scale - The design system and style guide behind Salesforce1 Why Pattern Labs? Here is why we chose Pattern Labs as styleguide foundation: Read on →

Week #17 (2014) linkdump: Security: Safe – EncFS-compatible encrypted filesystem for Windows and Mac Networking: Iodine – tunneling IP over DNS Poxa: A Pusher clone with a real-time Console Databases: – Big Data SQL in real time Autocomplete of entire Linux kernel using Redis’s new ZRANGEBYLEX General: Boring Systems Build Badass Businesses Computer Science from the Bottom Up - if I only had more time… looks like a great resource! Read on →

Beatiful talk from Sandy Metz about refactoring from big methods to simple, small objects Takeaways Duplication is far cheaper than the wrong abstraction Reach for open/closed small methods are simple small objects are simple

Since I struggle every time when joining tables in SQL, here a simple help for me:

Today I have spent a couple of hours trying to figure out, why my agent forwarding for Capistrano was not working. I have already ## added my ssh key with $ ssh-add ## adjusted ~/.ssh/config Host * ForwardAgent yes # configured capistrano in config/deploy.rb set :ssh_options, { :forward_agent => true } Still no luck… Host key verification failed. fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly Even that post was not helping: http://dchua. Read on →

Intriguing journey from very fragile production environment to very controlled and confident deployments on frequent base. I can relate to that feeling :) Puppet Camp Sydney 2014 - A Build Engineering Team’s Journey of Infrastructure as Code from Peter Leschev

Best Talks/Links about Microservices SOA Talk: Asynchronous Service Oriented Design From big Rails app to many smaller services (> 300 in the mean time): - Gilt Group , Video, Protocols vs Implementation Common patterns for microservices architecture: - Kafka Apache Kafka, Twitter Storm & Elastic Search (ARC303) @ Loggly From a Kafkaesque Story to The Promised Land - Apache Kafka and Data Integration - Video , Slides Microservices + Kafka http://new. Read on →

Docker on OSX:

Fred George - Implementing Micro-Service Architecture Chad Fowler - Disposable Components Microservices and Functional Programming Microservices and functional programming from Michael Neale Innovating Faster with a Micro-Service Architecture using SBT, Continuous Delivery, and LXC Innovating faster with SBT, Continuous Delivery, and LXC from kscaldef Node.js: Seneca.js Monolithic Node.js Kracken.js @ Paypal Python Gilliam Even moar links Testing Microservices http://yobriefca. Read on →