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Consul - awesome new project from Armon Dadgar, it seems to superseed Serf in it’s abilities. Also done in Golang! Way to go! Check the VS page, so see how it stacks up against competitor products. Technologies used Symas Lightning Memory-Mapped Database (LMDB) Golang

Conf Homepage Slides Go for Sysadmins - Kelsey Hightower, New Relic A Channel Compendium - Cloudflare High Performance Systems in Go - Derek Collison

Projects: Examples: Presentations / Articles: ATOMIC DESIGN - video (2013.03) Designing Products That Scale - The design system and style guide behind Salesforce1 Why Pattern Labs? Here is why we chose Pattern Labs as styleguide foundation: Read on →

Week #17 (2014) linkdump: Security: Safe – EncFS-compatible encrypted filesystem for Windows and Mac Networking: Iodine – tunneling IP over DNS Poxa: A Pusher clone with a real-time Console Databases: – Big Data SQL in real time Autocomplete of entire Linux kernel using Redis’s new ZRANGEBYLEX General: Boring Systems Build Badass Businesses Computer Science from the Bottom Up - if I only had more time… looks like a great resource! Read on →

Beatiful talk from Sandy Metz about refactoring from big methods to simple, small objects Takeaways Duplication is far cheaper than the wrong abstraction Reach for open/closed small methods are simple small objects are simple

Since I struggle every time when joining tables in SQL, here a simple help for me:

Today I have spent a couple of hours trying to figure out, why my agent forwarding for Capistrano was not working. I have already ## added my ssh key with $ ssh-add ## adjusted ~/.ssh/config Host * ForwardAgent yes # configured capistrano in config/deploy.rb set :ssh_options, { :forward_agent => true } Still no luck… Host key verification failed. fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly Even that post was not helping: http://dchua. Read on →

Intriguing journey from very fragile production environment to very controlled and confident deployments on frequent base. I can relate to that feeling :) Puppet Camp Sydney 2014 - A Build Engineering Team’s Journey of Infrastructure as Code from Peter Leschev

Best Talks/Links about Microservices SOA Talk: Asynchronous Service Oriented Design From big Rails app to many smaller services (> 300 in the mean time): - Gilt Group , Video, Protocols vs Implementation Common patterns for microservices architecture: - Kafka Apache Kafka, Twitter Storm & Elastic Search (ARC303) @ Loggly From a Kafkaesque Story to The Promised Land - Apache Kafka and Data Integration - Video , Slides Microservices + Kafka http://new. Read on →